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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The Return of Professor "Tex"

"Tex" returned today. Now, he's one of the professors advising on this project. He'd been away, ahem, doing something fun for the last month, so he hadn't been sitting in on our sessions. The last couple of times he had been there, he had given us contradictory guidance from what the other profs had. Well, he didn't really go that far tonite, but he did "ask" us to give him an outline of what we had so far, totalling about 5 pages of work, on top of the scrambling we're doing right now.

And then he went on about how he'd like to see how we're capturing knowledge and then spitting it back out for usage. Too bad that's not what we're doing. Hope he isn't too disappointed when it's not in the report! Hope our grade doesn't suck too bad. There's got to be a better way.

"Tex" is, shall we say, a "wizened" soul (look it up). He was around when I think Henry Ford used his kitchen as a test lab, and he has some story from the good old days of Eisenhower and Dewey and the Edsel. I mean, this guy probably thinks Angie Dickinson is still hot. He comes off as a know it all, even with KM and is constantly throwing out what he'd like to see in our project. Often this leads to us taking some detour off of the roadmap. I will resist thee, Satan, this time.


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