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Monday, March 01, 2004

"Carmine", not his real name

"Carmine" is an international student and a member of the project. I think he works about three jobs. At times I can't tell if there is a language and cultural barrier or if he's just lazy. I don't think he's stupid, because he is the only one that really has brought up counterpoints to any of the material I have presented to the team. "Carmine" is one of the team mates that seems to have had differing expectations about the project. He first objected to the premise by saying that it wasn't engineering. He said this during one of our sessions with the professors. The profs said that, no, this was just the sort of thing, since our degrees are engineering management. He acquiesced. And he has had objections to certain concepts and postulations in the project that I can't really condemn, since it at least shows that he seems to put some thought into it. If he would just show this spark of intelligence by putting in the effort in his writing and research.


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