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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Final Drafts Go Out

I sent out the sections of the report tonite, according to the latest schedule. I wrote the schedule, at the behest of my team mates. No one commmented on it, or made changes to it. I doubt they will really pay attention to it.

No one has read the whole project thru, from beginning to what's completed. They couldn't have, for they would know that the latter parts make no sense, not in context of the beginning sections, nor when taken by themselves. What are they thinking??? That what they've done is graduate quality? That I'll fix it??

I have a sickening feeling that it won't matter when the profs grade the project, like they won't notice that the english language was rescinded for whole paragraphs, or that section 3 doesn't look like it is part of the same body of work as section 4. I hope, on one hand, not. These guys deserve a shitty grade. But I get the same grade, and I'd rather at least get a good one for my effort.


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