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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Had a Little Lull

Had a lull the in the Blog. "Freddie" sent some crap, I bitched about it, he bitched back, and then it got dropped. We met the Profs, then I met our Advisor with Carmine and "Sam." Our advisor thought that Carmine's write up was good, I personally think he copied most of it, yet "course" was mispelled to "coarse." Hmmm, something not right here. I wracked my brains all day Saturday trying to figure out how to go from chapter 3 to chapter 4. Go to school on Sunday to meet the guys. "Salvatore" tries, but is hampered by the same mistake all of these guys made, he has another class. Oh, and his wife went and had a baby. The nerve.

On Sunday we hashed it out and eliminated chapter 5 as being redundant. "Carmine" calls and says he has an emergency. Later we learn his replacement at work blew a timing belt and couldn't make it down to the restaurant. Carmine sends his chapter 8 (?), uh 7, uh whatever. It's nothing but a copy of a real article by an expert in the field. World for fucking word. I bitch, he says, it was only a draft!! Except, he didn't say that originally! I don't expect this to end well. I think thoughts of gloom and doom often now.


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