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Monday, May 08, 2006

Gear - Fix Anything

I usually carry my entire toolbox, rivets and electrical connectors when we go camping. I at first said "that's what you have to do with a vintage trailer". Then a neighbor at the campground said "heck, mine's two years old and I need all of my tools." Well, you may not want to bring everything but if you camp, something's going to break. Here's my suggestion for the fixit tool kit.

1)Duck tape. Yep, I said Duck. Turns out, that's what it was originally called. It was designed to be waterproof. You can get it in 60 ft rolls, 60 yard rolls, or even flat pack strips. The flat packs are hard to find, but I'm getting some from the manufacturer and I'll post a review. My favorite duck tape manufacturer website is Duck Tape, lots of tips and neat activities and projects.

2)Gel Superglue. Not just your your old super glue, this gel version stays where you put it and doesn't bond as quickly, so you can get your materials positioned just right. This stuff is what I swear by now. Especially good for cloth and wood, it should bond about anything to anything. People like the new LocTite frustration free dispenser, I use it and like it too. If anyone has used the rubberized superglue, I'd like to hear your experience.

3)Shoe Goo. I have used this to repair hiking boots and shoes, but there's tons of other uses as well. It's water proof and extremely tough. It's stronger than superglue and thick and gooey, so it can be used more for hole filling, and boat repair. Shoe Goo has a great list of things to use it for. One important use: repairing seams in tents.

4)Clamptite wire binding. Cooltools found this awesome device. Have a broken canoe paddle, backpack frame or need to bind rope or line together? Well then, take a look at the Clamptite. This sweet little device (they actually have about four models) will take wire and build a wire binding around a pole, series of poles or anything you can get the wire around. This little thing will then wrap and tighten up the ring of wire, making a really darn tight wrap. I can't do this one justice, but when I get a boat, I'm getting the stainless version.


  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger Mathew said…

    I bought some superglue by Weldbond, the stuff holds like a rock! I used it to repair my cracked cold steel machete handle. Good as new :D I might look into that gel superglue, sounds pretty good for the workshop.

    -Mathew Walters


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