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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Tips - Getting Ready for the Start of Camping Season

Here in Michigan it appears that with the first weekend in May most of the campgrounds are now open. We already have four separate camping trips planned and reserved and I have already gotten and am working on this summer's batch of Airstream fixes and upgrades. You may have the itch to get out there and camp too, but before we go there's some things to keep in mind when getting ready to go camping for the first time this season.

1)Check your first aid kit of any expired medicines. If the kit is more than two years old you should take a moment to check all of the expiration dates in it. At the same time, visually inspect all of the packages for any damage.

2)If you use gasoline, either in generators or your cookstove, you should know that gas held over 60 days tends to get gummy. Get that gas out of your motor or use it fast. The residue can gum up the works.

3)Air it out. If you have a tent or a pop-up, now is the perfect time to set it up. This will give you a chance to inspect for any damage you may have missed last year and to find and clean any mold or mildew that accumulated over the winter. Set it up on a nice, warm, breezey day, or better yet, a weekend. REI has some good tips on removing mildew.

4)Review your checklists for any gear that you wanted to replace, buy or repair. Get started on it right away. There's nothing worse than a trip breathing down your neck while your getting something repaired. has a nice set of checklists


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