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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Gear - Maglite LED Replacement

Ok, so I've got a fetish about notebooks. I just got a Moleskine, I have a bunch of Circas and I have plenty of small leather and plastic notebooks laying around. I'm not an artist, or a journal writer, but I love to have something to write in close at hand. Just my thing. My boss's wife saw me pull two of these out at a work breakfast speach we all attended (she sort of works with us) and asked about why so many notebooks, to which I then went into my notebook fetish spiel. Oh, she says, my boss has the same deal, but with flashlights. He's got one in every room. And knowing him, I bet one or two of them are lethal. Well, he'll love this:

Over at Cool Tools they're showing off a LED bulb replacement for Mini Maglites. This is great for your old ones, since I believe the new ones are going to come with LEDs standard. Check 'em out.


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