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Monday, April 10, 2006

Drive By Post #2 - Activities

Again, not much time, but lots of ideas. Here's several ideas for having fun while out camping:

#1 Go fly a kite.
I have always had a thing with kites and model rockets. Whenever we go camping I like to have one of my smaller kites with me. It helps to have a smaller packable kite, like those at Go Fly A Kite. Or bring these instructions along with you to make your own.

#2 Bored Games. What to do when you're rained in? One of the simpler games from my childhood that I played on trips was Michigan Rummy or Tripoley. Not much to it, just some cards, some chips that you don't even wager with and a plastic tray. Pretty waterproof, and, with snacks and beverage, a lot of fun and easy to pass the time on a rainy evening.

#3 Don't Blog. I hope that while you're camping you can wait to get home to type in your blog. However, keeping a journal or sketch book can be a great activity while you're out in the wilderness and nature. Get yourself a Moleskine and some pencils and sit in a quiet spot and do some writing or sketching. Check out Moleskinerie and the Pencil Revolution for inspiration.



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