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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Food - Dutch Oven Cooking

My dad has a dutch oven that he always took on our camping trips. He usually made cherry cobbler with it. I had been thinking about getting one to try some recipes out last summer and did a lot of research. I got one at the Gander Mountain store and made chili in it two times. I think I'm going to get at least one more for this year so I can make dessert in one too.

In case you don't know, a dutch oven is either a cast iron or aluminum pot with a heavy lid. One for camping have legs that hold them up off of the ground a bit and a bailing handle. The lid typically has a heavy lip so that hot coals can be set on top of the oven without them sliding off, and it can be turned upside down to use as a griddle. Experts use charcoal briquettes and though I will probably use them more often in the future, I have put the pot right in the fire. Lodge has a very good chart on how to regulate temperature with briquettes.

I don't know what's the fascination with dutch ovens. Maybe it's related to my fascination with cast iron cookware, like my grill. Maybe it's nostalgia, but whatever the reason, I'm not the only one. Byron's website is probably the best and most comprehensive on the web, with tips, recipes and pictures. The Caddo Area Dutch Oven Group has a nice site as well with good recipes. And there's the International DO Society that sanctions cookoffs.

Besides the above mentioned sites, other sources include:

Dutch Oven Cooking

A very good primer on choosing and using DOs

Places to Buy:
Kampers Kettle


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