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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Gear - Maglite LED Replacement

Ok, so I've got a fetish about notebooks. I just got a Moleskine, I have a bunch of Circas and I have plenty of small leather and plastic notebooks laying around. I'm not an artist, or a journal writer, but I love to have something to write in close at hand. Just my thing. My boss's wife saw me pull two of these out at a work breakfast speach we all attended (she sort of works with us) and asked about why so many notebooks, to which I then went into my notebook fetish spiel. Oh, she says, my boss has the same deal, but with flashlights. He's got one in every room. And knowing him, I bet one or two of them are lethal. Well, he'll love this:

Over at Cool Tools they're showing off a LED bulb replacement for Mini Maglites. This is great for your old ones, since I believe the new ones are going to come with LEDs standard. Check 'em out.

Tale from the Hotstove Camping League

It's winter, but I just reserved a campsite at one of Michigan's state parks. Think I'm nuts? Then you haven't camped at MI's state parks. Michigan allows you to reserve campsites 6 months in advance. In October we found this awesomely beautiful park called Port Crescent. It's litterally at the tip of the thumb of Michigan. What's so great about it is that it has about a dozen campsites right on the beach of Lake Huron. We stayed in a wonderful site right on the beach, with a perfect view of the sunse over our campfire. Soooo we decided to reserve a site there in June, hoping for June 22-26. Last week was the first time you could reserve these sites for that time, so no prob, eh? Wrong. Not only were the prime beach front sites gone, but so was 90% of the rest of the campground! This is a park with about 120 site, and there were only 5 left! Oh, woe.

Luckily I played around with the dates and got the exact site we wanted, by camping Monday night through Thursday morning. Not exactly what I wanted , but the site is worth it.

See you again soon, with Cool Camping posts in the New Year.