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Monday, October 03, 2011

Gear - LED Flashlights - Turning Night into Day

I have finally run across the new LED flashlight technologies for myself. These new torches use rechargeable batteries and put out up to 900 lumens of light! Ok, so, maybe their claims are a little far fetched, but I can assure you that these lights are super bright, brighter than any handheld light you have ever seen. And I'm talking minimag sized lights. The torch I have is barely six inches long, holds on "18650" battery (which is a rechargeable 3.7v lithium)and will make the night into day. You'll hurt your eyes if you are looking at this when it turns on. There's plenty of sizes, brightnesses and prices that are being produced. You want to make sure that you get a "P7" emitter if you want the absolute brightest light, but other emitters (these don't have bulbs) will cost you less for less light. I won't even recommend one over the other, just to say, go to the link and find a light that fits your needs and budget.

Deal Extreme LED Flashlights