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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tips - Finding the Perfect Campground

I have been to enough campgrounds to know you are just as likely to book a dud as you are a gem when reserving site unseen. If the campground has a website, you might at least be able to tell if it's a treeless field, a weedy swamp or a nicely forested glen. Or you might not. Woodall's rates member's campgrounds, but that's only good for private camps. How can you know if the campground you're looking at is the real deal or not?

I'm finally going to kick of a series of posts that explore the different techniques you can use to investigate campgrounds, and the best sites at those campgrounds. I'm going to try to help you (and me for that matter) determine if they are near your destination, have the amenities you want, are clean, secluded, and we'll try to find pictures of the campsites as well.

let's start with a couple of assumptions:
1)You already know the destination you want to be near. E.g. NASCAR race, the Black Hills, Washington DC, or Hell, Michigan.
2)You are looking for an organized campground to stay at. I.e. not a dispursed public land area.

First up: The Usual Suspects.


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  • At 2:10 AM, Anonymous Adam said…

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