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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Shelter - Airstreaming

Yes, we own an Airstream. We are one of the vintage Airstream people you occasionally see at the campgroud. We got it because it looked cool, and had a neat look and feel on the inside. Also, being nearly 40 years old it was a bargain. Buying and selling of these old classics has become very popular lately, due in part to recent media coverage, from the Simple Life, to Martha Stewart, but also because the older models in the shorter lengths can be towed by today's lighter SUVs. Ours is a 22' model and tows like a dream. The one consequence of owning such a vintage camper that I didn't expect was all of the people that would stop by and chat about it. It's an interesting way to meet people at the campground

Airstream Forums is one of the best enthusiast forums I've seen. Coaches from the 40's on up to the new models are discussed. How-to fixit threads help out the vintage owners and owners of the modern models chat about the flat screen tv's and Ipods they have installed. The forums also have their own forum rallies, which is another great way to meet people with your same interests. Even if you don't own one, or intend to, it's an interesting look into people who are passionate about their campers.


  • At 12:24 AM, Blogger Holly Apple said…

    Holly Apple here,'Airstream Apple!'. Two great American Treasures, Airstream's and Steinbeck's 'Travels with Charley'. Anyone wishing for a small piece of an American treasure can purchase one of these trailers and be sure to pick a copy of one of Steinbeck's greatest for your travels.


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